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nur um diese schönen zeilen nich zu vergessn

it's cold in here, everythings dark, sadness oversomes me, like in an foggy old park. But then I hear your voice, I feel your breath, I'm smiling again, feel the happyness

if i would now lay beneth you, LooKing in your shiny eyes, there are many things I would do, kiss your lips and smiling bright

I wish I'd lie in your arms, see the sky a shining star, it would be warm if you's be not so far..


I didn't want to dissapoint you, I only said what is true, please forgive me and belive I Love you..

Now it's time to say goodBye

time to go to sleep

don't forget about me

in the Night so deep

Just dream of me

got nothing more to do

we'll see us tomorrow

so I lovE you

11.12.06 22:07

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